When you want to install a pond in your garden, there are some essential questions to ask so that the development is a success . These are the ones I will cover in this article.

creating a pond in your garden

Creating a pool has many advantages such as bringing tranquility to the place with the gentle sound of water, to make an interesting mirror effect for large gardens as well as smaller ones or to have the joy of see the local fauna rush like birds that come to drink.
To be sure that your pool can bring you all this happiness, it should not be done at random without reflection. Before you begin, you need to make a number of decisions to make it a success and have minimal maintenance .

To facilitate this, I have listed 4 questions to guide you in your choices.

Where to install my pond?
Of course, the first question to ask is the location of your future water feature.

In order to make the most of it, you must place it in a clearly visible space from a maximum of places in your garden, but also from your house if you have windows. This will, at the same time, facilitate surveillance if you have children.

Avoid placing the pond too close to a large deciduous tree for several reasons. First of all because of the fall of the leaves in the autumn which risk to dirty the water, but also because of the roots being able to damage the construction.

The other aspect to take into account to determine the location of the basin is sunshine . It will be necessary to find the good compromise between a space which is neither too sunny, nor too shaded . It takes enough sun for your aquatic plants to grow, but it is also not necessary that the water is heated too much which would cause the appearance of algae. It is estimated that a sunny location 6H per day is a good compromise.

Unless you have a natural source of water nearby, the vast majority of basins are closed. That is to say, thanks to a pump, the water circulates to infinity in the installation without having to add (or almost!). It should be placed near an electrical supply (or at least in a place where you can bring electricity) necessary for the pump. But not too far from a water point either, because even if the system is in closed circuit, with evaporation, it is necessary to supplement the volume regularly. It is therefore preferable not to have to carry full watering cans on tens of meters.

Thanks to his first reflections, you must be able to identify the place of your garden most adapted to receive your pond . Letís go on.

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