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    Is Software Development a Good Career?

    Software development is an excellent career choice by any measure. Its a high-paying and growing field, there are plenty of jobs, and workers report positive job satisfaction. The average salary of software development specialists clocks in at $110,140, with more experienced software developers earning $140,470 a year on average. Those with a software developer degree and coding experience can easily find a job after graduation. Some other benefits of entering this line of work include great job perks, the ability to work remotely, and even a higher quality of life.

    Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about pursuing a software developer career path.

    Types of Software Developer
    Software developer is an umbrella term for many different roles in the IT world. Consider the following roles as possible routes you can take with your degree in software development.

    Web developers control all “behind the scenes” aspects of a website, including its code, outbound links, and content to ensure a quality user experience.
    Back end developers handle the back end logic of a website and its integration with the front end.
    Front end developers build the client-facing side—the side that users see and interact with—of a website.
    Embedded system developers use software engineering to control machines and devices other than traditional computers. These software engineers work in fields such as medical technology, manufacturing technology, and aviation.
    Language/compiler developers optimize a compiler software that translates languages into code that a computer processor can use.
    Operating systems developers are responsible for implementing new feature functions in AIX operating systems, which are designed to provide security infrastructures to enterprise corporations.
    Video game developers build, optimize, and update video games.
    Mobile app developers design software and applications used on mobile devices.
    Desktop developers write code for applications that can run natively on operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux.
    Data scientists interpret and manage data to solve complex problems using data science in business environments.
    Why Should You Consider Becoming a Software Developer?
    If you enjoy creative problem solving, project-based work, nerding out over javascript, and data analysis, software development might be the career path for you. This career path ticks many boxes.

    Here are some major benefits to pursuing a degree in software development:
    A High Number of Job Openings
    Companies across nearly every industry are constantly seeking software developers, and theres no end in sight. In fact, employment of software developers is projected to grow a whopping 22% from 2020 to 2030, which is much higher than the national average for other occupations. Having a bachelors degree provides you an excellent advantage in scoring a great position in your job search.

    Lucrative Salaries
    There are nearly two billion websites in existence and more than four billion internet-users worldwide—and those numbers are only growing. With this massive need for web-based programs development, it’s no wonder that software development is one of the highest paying jobs, even for entry-level positions. Whether you choose to pursue front end, back end, full stack development, or one of many other routes, you can count on competitive salaries and frequent promotions in your career.

    Numerous Career Progression Opportunities
    Along with many different types of software development careers, there are equally as many career progression opportunities. The skills you’ll learn in the software development bachelor’s degree, in bootcamps, and in your future job experience—like problem-solving, creative thinking, coding—are highly useful in hundreds of career paths. No matter which type of development you pursue, there are always many other doors to open and areas to grow into.

    Flexible Work Environment
    Nearly 100% of the work a software developer does is online, which provides for a very flexible work environment, from working hours to working location. Many developers have the luxury of getting their work done on their own time and from home. This also means, as a remote worker, you are not restricted to software engineering jobs in your local area—you can apply for jobs across the country. If youre the type of worker who prefers working in an office setting, there are also plenty of jobs available that have core office hours or require their developers to be in-office at least part-time.

    Project-Based Work Structure
    If you enjoy a lot of variety in your work or you get bored easily, software development might be a great professional choice. Many development teams work on a project basis, which means you dont have to make a long-term commitment and you get to choose which projects most interest you. This also poses the opportunity for fulfillment and success when you finish a project. If you like the sounds of always working on something new and exciting, then software development could be perfect for you.

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    For me, a manager of information security who is in charge of preventing computer viruses, security lapses, and harmful hacker attacks on a company's computers, networks, and data is a good job. Important and highly secret data may be lost if an organization's information technology systems are interrupted due to these types of intrusions. But of course i can enlarge that list of professions and mention software developers who develop healthcare apps and software They are cool too

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