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    Exclamation Gap Pool - Waiting for Ship Offer - Waiting for Start Date

    Most crew members will be hired via a hiring partner business, some job offers also come directly from the cruise lines.

    The first thing you will do is have an interview via Skype or some other method. If you pass the interview the company will send you a confirmation and then the waiting game starts. The cruise line will keep you in the records until a position opens up.

    This is called a GAP POOL

    The Gap Pool is used by cruise lines to manage new starters. When a current staff member leaves for vacation the cruise line must fill the position that day. If your position is one where they don't have many staff members (like concierge for instance) you might be waiting a long time for a position to open up. If you have a job like cook, waiter, or something that has hundreds of staff you may be offered a job in weeks.

    So nobody really knows when you will start work. You'll just have to be patient and wait.


    • There is no time period you'll be hired it could be days, weeks, or months.
    • Contact your hiring partner or company every 3 weeks or so to let them know you still have interest in the position.
    • The cruise line or contractor may not contact you or say anything again until they actually need you so dont get nervous.

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