Ditching A Dream Cruise Vacation Is Painful Call

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Linda Nalbandian is set to go on a cruise to Bermuda in April. Recently married, she and her husband are planning to take their five teenagers on their combined family's first big trip together.

The kids were "super excited," she says. "It was a lot of buildup over the last couple of months, talking about it, planning it, and then coronavirus."

The $6,000 trip was a big expense. So as the coronavirus outbreak spreads around the world, the family's been grappling with what to do. They didn't want to wreck a great vacation if the odds were really small that there'd actually be a problem on their cruise.

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"Are you being a bad parent because you're you're buying into panic or hysteria?" Nalbandian says. "Or are you being a bad parent because you're bringing them to a situation that maybe in retrospect could be like, what was I thinking?"

But now many cruise ship companies are trying to reassure customers that they don't need to panic and cancel now. Customers can wait and see what happens with the outbreak and can even cancel just a few days before their cruise and get credit for another trip later.

Nalbandian got an email from Norwegian Cruise Line this past weekend explaining she can cancel up to 48 hours before her trip and get a full refund in the form of a credit toward a future trip.

"It was a relief ," she says, "and it definitely left us with a warm and fuzzy feeling toward the cruise line."

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