Coronavirus travel impacts: Half of Americans won't fly, less would take cruise, poll says

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A new USA TODAY/Ipsos poll shows significant challenges emerging for multiple travel industries as the coronavirus pandemic increasingly affects travelers' lives.

Half of those surveyed said they would not currently travel on a plane. Even fewer said they would be willing to go on a cruise: Only one in five said they would.

One in 10 respondents said they have already canceled a personal trip. And opinion of public transit was nearly evenly split, with 45% saying they would use public transit and 47% saying they would not.

The poll was conducted between March 10 and 11 and included a sample of 1,005 U.S. adults.

The travel and tourism industry has taken hit after hit since the coronavirus outbreak began in January. It's still early for concrete data, but economists and industry executives fear 9/11- or recession-like repercussions. Travel demand plummeted then and was slow to recover.

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The poll found older people are even more reluctant the fly than younger ones, with 58% of those surveyed over the age of 55 saying they would not travel by plane.

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